An ancient legacy in serving the finest Tea blends.

Founded in 1948 with Shree Hanuman Bhandar, Uphaar is an illustrious family tea business of Dugar group in Assam. Its fund of goodwill encouraged the Group to launch packaged tea in 1988. Soon after the Tea Auction Centre was established at Guwahati in 1970, Shree Hanuman Bhandar became one of the first registered buyers to join the GTAC. The family business came of age in 1993 with the establishment of Dugar Consumer Products Private Limited (DCPL) exclusively for blended and packaged tea. The company has come a long way since then, serving India the finest gourmet Tea and ultimate Tea blends for over 3 generations from the lands of India, China and Germany. With a vision of delivering a high end and an exceptional experience of teas, Uphaar launched its new brand, Techa with a wide range of Speciality Teas & Infusions, adding one more feather to its cap in 2016


Where each cup of tea represents an imaginary voyage

Launched with a vision to serve the finest speciality teas and infusions, we at Techa want to give our clients a complete buying experience in the gourmet tea segment. From educating them about the different varieties of tea that exist and their benefits to choosing the right speciality tea and infusion that blend perfectly with Techa proffers a complete health and gifting solutions.

Why we chose an Amusing Name!

A name personifies the uniqueness in the qualities possessed by an individual. Similarly, we came up with our company’s name as ‘te.cha’ to serve our native as well as overseas customers. Each and every new discovery has a story behind, exciting the customers to know more and more about it. Similar, is the case with ‘te.cha’.

‘te.cha’ Tea Story

It all began when Rishabh and Avi (founders) were on their trip to Australia. The land of Kangaroos was experiencing winter season during that time. As we all know, winters are all about warmth; we drink warm drinks, we wear warm clothes, we like to sit beside the fireplace, and everything that matters is warmth surrounding us!

One Australian winter morning, Avi and Rishabh wondered that how tea must taste like outside India. As from our childhood we have always witnessed tea as a basic mixture of sugar, milk, and water boiled along with the tiny black dots, we call as ‘tea’. Preferably, some people like to have their tea with various additives such as cardamoms, ginger, black pepper, and others. And so, they decided to hunt for the tea stalls. While strolling on the Australian roads the couple came across a ‘tea-boutique’. So, they decided to get in and have some tea. To their surprise, the tea boutique came out to be a magically spelled place with its walls beautifully decorated with tea designs and tea stored in attractive containers over the shelves conversing tea in every look of their visitor. It was an entirely different and amusing place, where both Avi and Rishabh got amazed by seeing the varieties and the brewing techniques of different teas. It can be assured that it was far different from what the tea is made in India. The owner of the boutique had the immense knowledge of the tea varieties and its production and cultivation processes. He asked them to sit and have a look in the tea catalogue designed by his team and also gave them a chance to taste some of the tea varieties. The amusement of having different teas in the boutique and the variedness in its taste gave birth to the idea of bringing such an amazing culture of tea consumption to India.

On their way back home, Rishabh and Avi got some tea samples from Australia and had a lab test on them. Having the tea samples tasted by the experts in their tea tasting laboratory gave them the idea of opening a tea boutique in India, which would benefit the Indians in terms of health as well as give them a reenergising and tasteful drink to have. Although, being in the tea manufacturing industry since three decades, everyone at the place was amazed with the different brewing techniques each tea had. Hence, it laid a foundation for ‘te.cha-specialty tea boutique’ in India.

Stroll in Our Store or Scroll in Our Website!

‘te.cha-specialty tea boutique’ brings you one of the finest tea specialties in India straight from Assam, Darjeeling, Nilgiri, China, Nepal, and Japan tea estates. Our research has found that there is not a single store in India, which is an experience center for tea and its varieties. At our store the customers can feel, touch, smell, and taste the teas that we provide. Our main aim is to provide a tea museum to the customers, where every thought and talk is about tea and only tea. Walk in our stores or feel free to browse our website, where tea is defined by its nature and its story behind!