Black Tea

Tulsi Black Tea

Tulsi Black Tea

Make your day with the Tulsi flavored black tea.
100 gm | 50 Cups | Rs.14.98/Cup
Darjeeling Muscatel Black Tea

Darjeeling Muscatel Black Tea

It comes from the second flush of teas which gives an elusive muscatel taste to it.
100 gms | 40 Cups | ₹ 14.97/Cup

Masala Chai Black Tea

The ‘mixed spice tea’, widely known as the masala chai.
100gm | 50 Cups | Rs.11.98/Cup
Mint lavender black tea

Mint Lavender Black Tea

Refresh yourself with this calming Mint Lavender flavored tea.
100 gm | 50 Cups | Rs. 16.98/Cup
Black Mint Tea

Black Mint Tea

Uplift your energy with refreshing mint flavored black tea.
100 gm | 50 Cups | Rs.15.98/Cup

Acai Mango Black Tea

A simplistic and crisp black tea jazzed up with flavour some fruit bits.
100gm | 50 Cups | Rs.19.98/Cup

Lady Grey Black Tea

Unique blend of black tea with whitethorn and gentle flavours of raspberry.
100gm | 50 Cups | Rs.19.98/Cup

Moon Drop Black Tea

The distinctive oomph of the first flush harvested in the early spring.
100gm | 50 Cups | Rs.17.98/Cup

Darjeeling Golden Tips Black Tea

This black tea sweet in taste having a strong exquisite flavor, strength and aroma.
100gm | 40 Cups | Rs. 26.22/Cup

Assam Maharaja Halmari Black Tea

Made from the flavourful whole leaves plucked from the top most orthodox clones.
100gm | 40 Cups | Rs. 12.47/Cup

Pineapple Vanilla Black Tea

Pineapple vanilla black tea with fruity smell is very good for heart.
100 gm | 50 Cups | Rs. 19.98/Cup