Darjeeling Tea

Darjeeling Muscatel Black Tea

Darjeeling Muscatel Black Tea

It comes from the second flush of teas which gives an elusive muscatel taste to it.
100 gms | 40 Cups | ₹ 14.97/Cup

Darjeeling Golden Tips Black Tea

This black tea sweet in taste having a strong exquisite flavor, strength and aroma.
100gm | 40 Cups | Rs. 26.22/Cup

Organic Darjeeling Imperial Oolong Tea

Premium organic tea that comes exclusively from the mountains of eastern Taiwan.
50 gms | 20 Cups | Rs. 62.45/Cup

Organic Silver Green Tea

Unique silver green tea coming from the hills of Darjeeling.
100gms | 40 Cups | Rs. 33.97/Cup

Green Vintage Tea

Every sip out of this cup of tea flashes the feeling of rejuvenation.
100gms | 40 Cups | Rs. 16.22/Cup

Organic Darjeeling Oolong Tea

This special oolong hails from the hills of Darjeeling.
100 gms | 40 Cups | Rs. 21.22/Cup

Peridot Black Tea

The perfect Darjeeling cup for the connoisseur tea drinker.
25 gm | 10 Cups | Rs. 114.9/Cup