Kahwa Green Tea

Shop online from Techa Tea for kahwa tea. Kahwa tea is a perfect blend of all the flavors of Kashmir spices that will take tea lovers to the valley of Kashmir.

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A delicate delight on your palate, Kashmiri Kahwa is an aromatic tea infused with subtle flavours of whole spices. The unparalleled taste and aroma of Kahwa will take you to the beautiful Valley of Kashmir. Your cup of Kahwa does not only come with great flavour, but it packs in some great Health Benefits.

Scent : Spicy – particularly cardamom

Appearance : Rich Brown

Flavour : Mild characteristic traits of Nilgiri, spiciness of cardamom, sweet taste of cinnamon with nutty flavoured almonds.

Merits : Kahwa is a drink that provides warmth, helps to combat minor flues, and cures chest congestions. It is great for headaches as well!

Recommended number of steeps : Two - Three

Weight100 gms

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Kahwa Green Tea

Kahwa Green Tea

Shop online from Techa Tea for kahwa tea. Kahwa tea is a perfect blend of all the flavors of Kashmir spices that will take tea lovers to the valley of Kashmir.


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