Oolong Tea 

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The tea that tops the rankings for having the highest amount of antioxidants - Rose Hibiscus Oolong Tea. And to give it a creative twist, the tartness of hibiscus leaves are paired with the sweetness of rose petals which come together in superbly refreshing harmony. This delicious and nourishing drink will satiate your thirst quite effectively! 75 gms |...

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This special oolong hails from the hills of Darjeeling. It is a mild semifermented tea, which requires a special technique of foot rolling the leaves in cheese clothes at the time of withering. It has great digestive properties, making it an ideal cup to be consumed after your meals. 100 gms | 40 Cups | ₹ 21.22/Cup

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Buy monkey picked oolong tea online at Techa Tea. This is the super quality hand plucked tea With a strong and long-lasting fragrance. Shop loose leaf monkey picked oolong tea.

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This Organic Black dragon Tea is the partially oxidised version of the Oolong family,which makes this tea a favourable blend of sumptuous taste and aroma. It is a premium organic tea that comes exclusively from the mountains of eastern Taiwan where the altitude and weather impart a range of delicate flavours. 50 gms | 20 Cups | ₹ 62.45/Cup

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Oolong Tea

Oolong Teas

In Chinese, Oolong means “black dragon”. Oolong tea is a semi-fermented tea, blending the prime qualities of un-oxidized green tea and fully oxidized black tea. It has a strong and refreshing flavour with the richest taste among all kinds of teas. Oolong blocks the absorption of fats and carbohydrates, which plays a key role in weight reducing benefits.

Aids weight management.

Helps alleviate skin conditions.