White Tea

Organic Bai Mu Dan White Tea

Shop for bai mu dan organic white tea online at Techa tea. Organic Bai Mu Dan classic
20gm | 8 Cups | Rs.57.37/Cup
Moonshine Geranium Green Tea

Moonshine Geranium White Tea

Re-energize yourself with the healthy moonshine geranium white tea.
25 gms |12.5 Cups | Rs. 47.92/Cup

Frosty Fresh White Tea

Discover the invigorating notes of fresh green aroma from this refreshing drink.
40 gms | 20 Cups | Rs. 44.95/Cup

Silver Needle White Tea

Silver needle is a champagne- coloured, most revered Chinese tea made up of soft,
50 gms | 20 Cups | Rs. 79.95/Cup