White Tea 

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Silver needle is a champagne- coloured, most revered Chinese tea made up of soft, plump immature leaf buds or the young “needles” coated with minute silvery hairs. Its delicate, smooth and mellow taste makes it a perfect sip on long, persistent afternoons. 50 gms | 20 Cups | ₹ 79.95/Cup

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Shop for bai mu dan organic white tea online at Techa tea. Organic Bai Mu Dan classic Chinese tea made from the uppermost two leaves and bud plucked in early spring.

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Buy frosty fresh tea and loose tea leaves online at Techa Tea. This tea combines two leaves and a bud plucked from the garden of Nilgiri gives a gentle greenish texture.

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Two leaves and a bud are carefully plucked and brought to the factory in baskets which are rolled & dried. After drying the tea leaves, dried geranium leaves are added to the tea. The Pubescence is seen through these leaves as they merge between green & white, open & rolled leaf along with brown geranium leaves. 25 gms |12.5 Cups | ₹ 47.92/Cup

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White Tea

White Teas

White tea is a delicate, gentle beverage with a subtle flavour that is perfect for several infusions. It is one of the “true teas”, uncured and un-oxidised, with the tea leaves being derived from the Camellia Sinensis plant. It is heralded as a “miracle drink” for a number of health benefits including weight loss, healthy and youthful skin, cancer prevention, high antioxidant counts, illness prevention and lowering the cholesterol levels.

  • Has the highest antioxidant properties.
  • Low in caffeine.
  • Can lower cholesterol and blood pressure.
  • It's antibacterial.